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January 14, 2003 Charlotte Rhodes  with Appal.Read conducted STORY HOUR at the Williamson Public Library.  



January 30, 2003 "SNOW TIME" for books and Science, for preschool and elementary children, sponsored by the Library and the WHS HSTA Students.



February 3, 2003 HSTA students portrayed famous black people. Jada Hunter presented demonstrations and information on AFRICAN DANCE, including it's influences on the American culture. 


February 11, 2003 All were invited to attend STORY HOUR at 3:00 pm where Charlotte Rhodes with "Appal. Read"  read a story to the children, followed by fun and crafts. Each child was able to make his own craft to take home.



February 24, 2003 featured AFRICAN-AMERICAN MUSIC. "THE SPIRITUAL," known as the music of the pre-Civil War "invisible church,' was presented by Odessa Pruitt. GOSPEL MUSIC was presented by Sarah Moore. AFRICAN-AMERICAN POETS, presented by Gladys Harris, Rev. Gerald Dotson and Rev. Robert Settles. A presentation on "KWANZAA," the African-American holiday celebrated Dec. 26-Jan.1, was given by Amy E. Jones.


March 1, 2003 featured the Williamson Public Library's annual "CAT IN THE HAT" Program. Children listened to a reading of "The Cat in the Hat" followed by the making of their own "Cat in the Hat" hat.  



April 16, 2003 'WEATHER' OR NOT featured Sonya Pickleseimer and her HISTA students sharing by crafts and experiments how the weather works.  



May 13, 2003 featured STORY HOUR. Activities included stories, crafts and a game. Each child made their own door hanger, and then enjoyed several games of Blue's Clues Bingo.  


June 10, 2003 featured STORY HOUR. Activities included stories, crafts and games. Each child made their own candy necklace, then enjoyed a game of musical hats. 



July 29, 2003 Summer Reading Program ended with a visit from Bob Ford, story teller/historian who sang songs, and told stories about the adventures of Lewis & Clark.


A SPOOKTACULAR NIGHT was held for the Williamson Public Library on Monday, October 27, 2003.  Families were  able to experience a howling good time as they explored some of the spells Harry Potter experienced in this Harry Potter celebration.  There was a Harry Potter look-alike contest as well as a pumpkin-carving contest.