Dear Patrons,


The Williamson Public Library is in the process of indexing the obituaries in our local newspapers.  This is a monumental task for the library.  We couldnít do it without the help of our loyal patrons, Sam Henry and Tommy Adkins.  Mr. Adkins has gone through the newspapers and created a paper list of the obituaries, and Mr. Henry is now entering all of the data into a database.  Both men have given countless hours of their time to the library doing this task.  We cannot thank them enough for what they have done and are doing for the library and its patrons.  Since this is our first time indexing obituaries, we are open to any and all suggestions.  Therefore, if you have a suggestion(s) that will make our index better, please donít hesitate to send us the suggestion(s).  We will definitely consider them!  As new obituaries are added, we will update the website.  Check back often for updated listings.  Contact Us


Larry Brown, Director

Williamson Public Library


To view the index, click on the word obituary index below.