Research Policy

Patrons unable to visit our collection in person may send
inquiries by mail or e-mail
Due to time and staffing constraints, Reference Department personnel cannot perform extensive research or photocopying projects.

Library staff can respond only to specific requests for
information. Staff cannot compile family lineages,
determine parentage, locate missing persons or undertake
extensive photocopying projects from books or microfilm.

For a $5.00 fee written or electronic
requests for customers living outside the library's
service area will receive a limited amount of staff research

All resulting copies made will be billed at the individual copy price of $0.25 per page for
microfilm and $0.15 per page for photocopies.

If requests are submitted by mail, please DO NOT enclose
money with the request. An invoice for the correct billing
amount will be included with the results of the search.

For email requests, full name and return mailing address
must be included with the request for information.

Obituary/Death Notice Searches

The Reference Department staff will search the newspaper
microfilm for a death notice or obituary. A complete date-
of-death (month/day/year) is required for this search.

Patrons should submit no more than four individual name searches at one time and should wait for a response before submitting a second request for information.

City Directory Searches

The Reference Department staff will  provide copies of the page or pages containing
that particular surname from the Williamson area directory.